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Country: France
Year:  2013
MetLife launches Super Novaterm Insurance, a new product tailored to specific prospects’ occasional needs.


  • Traditionally, the insured doesn’t have the choice to separate private life and professional life: both are included in the same insurance contract.
  • The new insurance contract from MetLife innovates because it offers the possibility to separate these two aspects of the life insured. This contract « Super Novaterm accident » is designed for special risks, with two forms: a « private life » contract and « private and professional life », according to the risk environment.
  • Unique in the market for accident offers, this offer takes into account all types of risks: risky business, risky countries, extreme sports. The offer proposes:
    • Up to 10€ million for capital in case of death
    • Up to 2,5€ million of capital in case of permanent invalidity
    • Up to 350€ per day in case of temporary working disability
    • Education Annuity
  • The other innovation concerns the duration of the coverage which ranges from 2 to 365 days (renewable).
  • This offer is available to the public through a partnership with 5,000 brokers.

Super Novaterm Accident

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