Country: USA
Year: 2015mastercard

  • Strong authentication: an insurance company could make a deal with Mastercard to use this new technology for its banking and insurance customers.
  • Target younger consumers: biometrics will be a hit because younger generations are into selfies and will find it cooler and easier to use than remembering another password or PIN.


  • Mastercard is about to launch an app that uses selfies to verify online purchases
  • The app on the user’s phone is linked to his credit card
  • Users can choose to be verified either by fingerprints or by selfies
  • Mastercard partnered with Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft and Blackberry to develop the biometric app
  • The firm is also experimenting with voice recognition and even heartbeat recognition

Consumer Benefits

  • Get rid of passwords: according to MasterCard chief product security, the biometric facial recognition software could replace PINs
  • Easy and hack-proof: the selfies won’t be stored anywhere

How to use

  • Customers have to download the MasterCard app to their phones, and once at the checkout stage the app will request authorization before payment is submitted
  • Authorization is done via one of two methods: fingerprint recognition, requiring users to verify their identity by touching their device; or by facial recognition, where users stare at their camera while their face is mapped
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