Country: USA
Year: 2015

  • Magic is an all-encompassing text messaging service that promises to deliver anything and everything (legal) to customers in the US
  • Use “Magic” as a new distribution or sales channel: such as delivery of a tire in case of a vehicle breakdown
  • Replicate the SMS-based communication channels for relevant use cases or countries: insurance companies could offer an additional method of communication to their customers. Users can reach out to customer care or representatives regarding their questions, finding quotes, filing a claim or requesting for assistance


  • “Magic“ claims to delivers anything and everything, as long as it’s legal, directly to customer’s door with a simple text in the US
  • Customer texts on the number 408-217-1721 with the word “Magic” to chat with a trained operator who handles the request
  • Magic guarantees that users’ credit card numbers are secure by sending a 128-bit encrypted HTTPS link via SMS and then having the actual payments managed by a third party, Stripe*. It also accepts Bitcoin
  • Only three days after Magic’s creation, they received 18,000 texts and increased their staff size by about six times from 2 or 3 at inception to 18 employees, making it one of the fastest-growing companies in recent history

Consumer Benefits

  • Convenience and highly simplified user experience are the main advantages offered by Magic to its’ customers. There is no need to own a smartphone or download an app – only a simple text message chat is sufficient to make an order

How to use

  • User exchanges text messages with Magic
  • Magic identifies the right service provider for user’s request, gets a price, communicates price to the user, get user’s confirmation on the order and place the order with the provider
  • Payment is made with Stripe
  • Product is delivered to user’s doorstep
  • CNN Money writes about Magic. Click on the image below to see it:


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