Country: United States  1437014159279
Year: 2015
Lyfeboat is the Uber of roadside assistance.


  • Lyfeboat is an on demand roadside assistance (tire change, fuel delivery, jump start, lock out etc..) application for smartphone
  • The user asks for help via the app and towing companies or people called Skippers come to the rescue
  • Skippers are people who deliver the assistance services and could be anybody who wants to work for Lyfeboat as they are receiving training

Consumer Benefits

  • The user can track from where, who and how long it will take to receive assistance
  • He can pay directly with credit card via the app and rate the service received
  • The user has access to a community of people at a lower rate than services like towing companies

How to use

  • The user selects the service he needs via the app, and enters his information
  • Then it works like Uber: He can see who is in his area, choose who he wants to come, see how long it will take to come and after receiving the service he can rate the Skipper

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