Country: France
Year: 2013


  • Lydia is a solution that allows its customers to pay back their friends or colleagues, the money is immediately credited to their Lydia account and they can choose whether they transfer the money to their bank account or use it to pay other friends
  • Payments made with Lydia work the same way as credit card payments, the card chosen by the user is instantly debited, and the amount is transferred to the recipient’s account
  • With Lydia, phone numbers replace bank details, when a customer wants to pay back a friend, he only has to enter his phone number and the amount he wants to send on the app

Consumer Benefits

  • Cheap: For individuals, the Lydia account is free, but the company offers a MasterCard for its customers for 3,99 € per month with a dedicated IBAN number
  • Easy: Creating a Lydia account is easy, the customer only needs to enter his phone number, e-mail and scan his credit card via the phone’s camera. To send money, he can enter the receiver’s phone number or scan a QR code on the receiver’s smartphone and the amount he wants to send
  • Secure: The money is securely stored at BNP-Paribas and guaranteed by the Societe Financiere du Porte-Monnaie Electronique Interbancaire (SFPMEI)

How It Works

  • The Lydia account is linked to the customer’s phone number, customer’s can even make payments to people who do not use Lydia. If the person a customer wants to send money to does not have a Lydia account, he/she will receive an SMS/e-mail with a link to a secure online page where he/she can enter bank details and receive payment
  • To send money, the customer enters the amount, receiver’s phone number or scans a QR code on the receiver’s smartphone


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