Country: United States wQS4BFuc
Year: 2015
Limit Line Safety application warns the novice driver on the road and their parents. 


  • The Limit Line Safety app warns novice drivers about defined restrictions such as approaching night restriction start or end time, perimeter of safety zone, and unsafe behaviors
  • The user receives alert notifications and voice messages via the application if any restriction is not respected
  • The driver’s journey is automatically recorded
  • Users can see on the app if there are other inexperienced or novice drivers on the road thanks to caution symbol
  • Biometrics and monitors would detect fatigue, sleepiness and if the driver is using one or two hands for steering

Consumer Benefits

  • Parents can create boundaries to designated areas or permitted travel destinations and are notified of any traffic accidents or violations
  • The driving log enables parents to generate or automatically receive reports on driver habits or car performance (fast acceleration, speeding, hard breaking, and trip report)
  • Parents would be able to reward the novice driver via PayPal to encourage responsible, safe driving behaviour.

How to use

  • The user can download the app for free


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