Country: United StatesLearnVest
Year: 2009

  • Provide added-value content on personal financial management:  Offer educational content to the customers
  • Best-in-class user experience: Offer a best-in-class user experience by building and creating the tools to scale up and serve the target market
  • Affordable fee structure: Offer an affordable fee structure to customers allows a wider range of customers to subscribe themselves to such a service, thus expanding the company’s outreach


  • LearnVest is an award-winning personal finance platform that provides high-quality, fee-based financial advisory services
  • It offers content on financial management including access to an Extensive Knowledge Center creating relevant and easy to understand financial management content
  • Single platform to aggregate the customer’s financial accounts including account aggregation tools to gather client’s financial information, tailor-made plans proposed for the middle market audience and a focus to build a plan and develop short-term, immediately actionable items for clients
  • The tools LearnVest offers are free; however, financial planning services start at $19 per month after a $299 startup fee

Consumer Benefits

  • LearnVest lets users track their expenses, and segregate expenses in different categories to facilitate easy tracking
  • With certified financial planners, users can build long term financial plans. Users with paid subscriptions can ask questions to LearnVest experts online

How to Use

LearnVest offers a « 7-step Action Program » that takes a step-by-step approach from setting up their budget to a full fledged investment portfolio:

  1. Organize: Consolidate all your accounts on one platform (LearnVest)
  2. Focus: Identify current financial situation and define financial goals
  3. Plan: Plan on how to achieve the listed goals such as retirement savings, emergency funds, planning a wedding, starting a family etc.
  4. Protect: Determine the kind of insurances you have, the insurance you need and don’t need
  5. Build: Plan on buying real estate (including how to calculate mortgage payments, paying for mortgage etc.)
  6. Maximize: Set up an investment portfolio for the customer
  7. Refresh: Adapt all the above steps based on any changes in income, status, location etc.


Keywords:  Personal Finance Platform; financial services; insurance

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