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Year: 2015

  • Connecting data publishers to you: with Kyper, you have worldwide access to standardized datasets of any type and any size
  • Big Data: quick access through API to a large amount of qualified data that will allow you to produce relevant and accurate analysis in order to drive your business forward


  • Kyper Data Marketplace allows users to view and buy professional-grade data, instantly
  • Kyper delivers the data you want via the API that you need
  • All formats of data are standardized with Kyper, so you can start using it right away

Consumer Benefits

  • Efficient cloud-based solution: access to standardized datasets from anywhere in only a few minutes
  • Data standardization: all the datasets that come from different sources are standardized in order to more easily conduct thorough analyses
  • Ease-of-use: whether you’re a financial analyst, researcher or developer, you can access purchased data with any tool you want (Excel, Python, R or Curl)

How to use 

  • Subscribe to the Kyper solution within seconds
  • Find the data you need on their marketplace by using designated search criteria (topics, geography, industry, content, etc)
  • Use Kyper’s APIs to extract the datasets you purchased into your internal tool or workflow (Excel, Python, etc)


  • Click on the image below if you want to follow the development of Kyper data on AngelList

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