Country: Poland
Year: 2009


  • Kontomatik is a data aggregation banking API.
  • It collects customer data that can then be processed for a variety of purposes ranging from credit scoring to finding the best deal on the financial market.
  • With Kontomatik, a bank is able to verify a customer directly online with only his first and second names, date of birth, and national ID numbers from his online banking.
  • Kontomatik supports major banks in 10 countries on 3 continents.

Consumer Benefits

  • Kontomatik makes financial products easily accessible and increases transparency, thereby making the financial industry more consumer-oriented.
  • Banks can rapidly understand a consumers financial health, and therefore make the best financial recommendations and offer customized solutions.

How to use

  • Kontomatik can be integrated in many ways throughout an organization, with the most popular integration model being SaaS.
  • The integration of Kontomatik is very quick and can be done in a matter of days.
  • The company can either host Kontomatik for the consumer, or the consumer can host Kontomatik on their own premises.
  • Once installed, Kontomatik can access personal data of the account owners, current and savings accounts and the transaction history from those accounts. Banks are then able to act upon the received data.


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