Country: Canada
Year: 2017


  • Koïos is currently working on developing integrated products that will manage front, middle and back-office operations. In addition, Koïos develops tools for insurance companies to improve the pricing of insurance policies, optimizing the case by case character of life insurance
  • The company’s mission is to deliver a new generation of tailor-made smart systems through the design of value-added, agile and easy-to-use business intelligence applications capable of exploiting any available qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Koïos helps funds, financial institutions and insurance companies turning their data into business value by making sense of additional qualitative data to empower existing models
  • Koïos is among the only companies in Canada to deliver AI-based solutions for risk management operations by using machine learning techniques, in particular deep artificial neural networks
  • Koïos’s solutions create a synergy around its client’s systems and data to connect and represent information from across all in-house and cloud systems
  • Koïos is planning to launch its first integrated product – a smart platform to facilitate front, middle and back office operations.

Consumer Benefits

  • Koïos offers consultancy services for CFOs, portfolio managers and asset managers; its customized AI-based solutions improve the precision and accuracy of current models used in the industry
  • The company’s services are geared towards improving the generation of alpha returns, and help managers deal with complex issues of financial derivatives
  • By improving the significance of models using advanced forecasting techniques through machine learning methods, Koïos helps institutions lower their cost and comply to regulations, thus being more competitive

How It Works

  • For now, Koïos offers only customized solutions tailored to the needs of its clients – therefore each solution is different
  • The company prices its products on a subscription-basis and put an emphasis on customer success by ensuring a constant liaison with its clients

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