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Year: 2015

  • Internal communication: Kodak Pix Pro SP360 4K could be used to record a company’s internal events.
  • Content creation: insurers could use Kodak Pix Pro SP360 4K to create content to feed their apps, YouTube channel, Facebook pages… and any other supports.


  • The Kodak SP360 4K is a portable action camera with wide-angle shooting and burst mode (up to 10 frames per second) designed to make 360° VR videos, time-lapse footages, and 4K definition pictures. Its battery works from one hour up to two hours and a half.
  • A dozen accessories can be paired with the SP360 4K such as a waterproof protection, suction pads, camera sticks, a wrist-worn remote controller, micro-SD cards for storage etc.
  • The SP360 4K integrates Wi-Fi and NFC functions enabling users to remotely control the camera modes (such as start and stop recording, switch between movie or shooting modes, etc.) through the free smartphone app or the wrist-worn remote controller which is waterproof down to 3 meter-depth and shock-proof up to 2 meter-height fall.
  • Full 360° spherical videos can be recorded mounting 2 cameras together back to back on the dedicated double-stick.
  • Kodak developed 2 free software, the first one enabling users to edit their videos (effects, format, colors, shape…) and the other one to stitch the videos coming from two SP360 4K cameras.
  • Kodak offers a pair of VR cardboard glasses to view 360° videos to users that purchased a SP360 4K camera and registered after purchase.
  • The camera is compatible with YouTube and Facebook 360° videos and its Wi-Fi function enables users to upload their 360° videos to their social media channels directly from the device or developers to integrate their footages to their VR apps.

Consumer Benefits

  • Image quality: the SP360 4K enables 360° full HD footage.
  • Developer utility: users can use the device to shoot dedicated VR content for YouTube or Facebook videos, but also to develop VR apps.

How to use

  • Users purchase the SP360 4K and the accessories online, and download for free the two computer software and the smartphone app. The camera is ready to use.


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