Country: Sweden
Year: 2005


  • Klarna makes online shopping easy and hassle-free by providing payment services for merchants and shoppers
  • The startup offers simpler and safer online payment solutions by separating buying from paying. Klarna allows the buyers to pay for their ordered goods after they received them. It also assumes credit and fraud risk for merchants who are assured to be paid
  • This checkout usher for commerce websites is now available all around the world and became a unicorn in 2015
  • 45 million people and 65,000 online stores use Klarna

Consumer Benefits

  • For merchants:
    • Simple: integrated payment solution
    • Remove friction: fewer clicks per page for users to purchase a product
    • Covered for non-payment: Klarna insures and covers merchants against consumer non-payments
  • For customers:
    • Money-back guarantee: for customers whose orders are not delivered or receive the wrong items
    • Quick and convenient: customers can pay later thanks to credit extention offered by Klarna
    • No credit card needed: when ordering the product
  • Risk-free: Klarna assumes risk from both buyer and seller’s sides

How It Works

  • The customer goes on any e-commerce website powered by Klarna, add his/her products to the cart and goes to the checkout page
  • Then, the user simply inputs their email and zip code and the item is purchased
  • The customer can pay straight away by card or can choose to pay later, up to 30 days to pay back the startup and can use whatever payment solution they like


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