Country: Hong Kong JewelPaymenttech
Year: 2015

  • Implement at an insurance company to reduce fraud: predict and evaluate the risks, target the pain points, and address them, leveraging on the real-time risk solutions proposed by Jewel Paymentech.
  • Recommend to SMEs/corporate clients: recommend technology for these client segments as a way of detecting potential risk areas in their infrastructure and implement real-time risk solutions offered by Jewel Paymentech.  


  • Created for banks, Jewel Paymentech aims to solve the issue of illegal goods and services online such as brand, fraud, data security, or credit risks by offering real-time risk solutions.
  • Jewel Paymentech identifies illegal activities and complaints from payment networks via an algorithm functioning on machine learning, image analysis, natural language processing and social media sentiments which allows the bank to intercept transaction messages and reduce potential fraud.
  • The company launched two main products: One Sentry (software), an application available on tablet and mobile which secures payment platforms regarding the data, the history etc., and FRAUD WALL FW-100 (hardware and software) allowing the bank to gain visibility into new transaction types such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Consumer Benefits

  • Automated: efficient algorithms ensure Jewel Paymentech runs automatically.
  • Predictive: the software predicts risk from different analysis techniques so clients can take the necessary preventative measures.
  • Fast: the analysis takes sixty seconds to evaluate the first risks.

How it works

  • Banks must enter an URL and in sixty seconds the system generate assessment reports. Then, the system highlight potential red flags and in five minutes it provides a richer report and it continues its analysis to highlight more and more new risks.

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