Country: USA
Year: 2015


  • iQuantifi is a RoboPlanner enabling institutions to provide all customers with an automated, personalized and comprehensive financial plan.
  • iQuantifi is a software that help costumers achieve their financial goal by prioritizing their objectives and giving them investment advice
  • iQuantifi follows costumers in all their big life events so they can prepare their financial situation to achieve all their goals

Consumer Benefits

  • Easy: iQuantifi is very easy to use and you don’t need a professional to use it
  • Intelligent: the software has cash finders that will advise the costumers where they can save more money, and according to the customer’s profile insurance and investments, personalized tailored advice will be provided
  • Keep track of: iQuantifi provides monthly guidance to ensure the respect and ensure short and long term goals.
  • Flexible: iQuantifi can run what-if analysis so the costumer can make intelligent financial choices in their life

How To Use

  • The iQuantifi software is now available for the general public as well as for financial advisors
  • It costs about 10$ per month for the general public, and the fees are different for financial advisors
  • Request a demo and then start to use it with an account by providing basic information i.e. Income, savings, debt, etc.


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