Country: Switzerlandinvestivity
Year: 2015
Investivity is an Investment Management and Fintech based in Geneva, managing, co-managing and advising the assets of institutional and private clients, using top-notch risk management and risk premia configurable strategies.


  • Investivity is a combination of classical asset allocation and financial instruments with advanced technological tools
  • It offers risk management, tactical investing, fund replication, delegated advisory, while label research and investing decision tools
  • The platform includes analytics, PMS, CRM tools and innovative digital capabilities to enhance and lighten the asset management process
  • It focuses on flexibility to customize and design truly bespoke portfolios for each client

Consumer Benefits

  • Allow allocation and execution of multiple portfolios: lets users boost their operational efficiency at minimal cost
  • Serve more clients: Investivity helps serve 10 times more clients without personalization loss nor additional costs

How To Use

  • The initial setup phase helps define for a specific client its investible universe (the potential financial instruments that can be invested into)
  • Methodologies can then be specified, that will drive the asset allocation over time, and the use of specific styles or strategies to be applied at the instrument level
  • The outputs of algorithms dedicated to hedging or replication of user’s preferred style are blended with specific market convictions that he might want to imprint as a manager or advisor
  • The outcome is an evolution over time of suggested position changes that respect the user’s own convictions


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