Country: United Kingdom and South AfricaInvestec
Year: 1991

  • The business has grown largely organically from domestic roots in Southern Africa to a growing international client base from the Americas, the UK and Continental Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia and Africa
  • The firm seeks to create a profitable partnership between clients, shareholders and employees and their aim is to exceed clients’ investment and client service expectations and to manage their money to the highest possible standard
  • Investec Asset Management is a significant component of and independently managed entity within the Investec Group
  • Their areas of expertise include: 4Factor equities*, Frontier & emerging market equities, Quality, Value, Commodities & resources, Emerging market fixed income and Multi-asset

Digital Vision

  • Investec Asset Management is a young firm that is not hugely advanced in the domain of digital. Their expertise in digital remains low and thus they have focused on creating partnerships with external parties in order to construct their digital strategy and revamp their image on digital platforms
  • During the course of revamping, they have mainly focused on key customer journeys such as providing the right information including content and investment literature, conveying a good look-and-feel of the website and devising a digital strategy to improve website traffic

Recent Initiatives

  • Partnership with BoxUK in 2013: In order to to revamp their public website and brand image, Investec partnered with a brand consulting firm. Key user journeys were streamlined across Investec AM’s site, key information including fund pricing, investor literature and thought leadership was simplified, along with a dramatically different look and feel to convey core brand messaging  and the organization’s culture
  • Partnership with Cognifide: To develop a new global digital strategy, Investec and Cognifide partnered to empower hundreds of their business users such as content authors and marketeers in 15 regions to create regionalised customer experiences while maintaining strong brand continuity. Website traffic quickly doubled and visitors noticed the drastic improvement in the look and feel

* Selection process applied using quality, value, earning revenues and momentum on all securities with a market capitalization of more than $ 1bn and average trading volume of more than $10 mn
Keywords: investment; partnership; brand image; customer experience

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