Country: Australia, Singapore, London, NewYork & Toronto
Year: 1992


  • Intelledox’s infiniti product helps organizations to collect data and create engaging communications throughout the customer lifecycle
  • The key areas for automation includes information gathering,  process workflows and complex documents generation

Consumer Benefits

  • Reporting & rules engine: reporting module produces detailed performance reports to provide insight into an organization’s document generation and communication processes. XML rules engine provides document generation services and Q&A logic processing
  • Intelledox Marketplace: marketplace provides a place where new technologies, innovations and solutions (i.e. extensions) can be showcased, shared and delivered by industry and between agencies- Types of extensions that can be distributed on the marketplace: reusable smart form solutions, form components, frequently used document content, third party services, etc.
  • Mobility Solutions: responsive forms experience that allows users to complete forms while offline and then automatically synchronize when a data connection is next established

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Time to complete form reduced by 75%
  • Time taken to produce the new statements reduced from 7 hours to 45 mins
  • Fast time to market for new solutions
  • Development time of new digital applications reduced by more than 75%
  • Better data visibility and higher quality data
  • Eliminate re-keying of data and need for scanning of paper through eforms
  • Reduced calls to contact center by 45-55%

Illustration (Key Use Cases)

  • New Account Opening
  • Customer Onboarding Welcome Kits
  • Mortgage Loan Applications
  • Personalized Customer Financial Plans
  • Proposals and quotes
  • Statements of Advice
  • Automate customer self-service for change of address, change of beneficiary, account updates
  • Automate other manual or PDF forms-based processes

Key solutions available

  • Data transformation
  • SmartForms
  • CRM solutions
  • Document automation
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