Country: New Zealandwestpac
Year: 2010

  • Customized savings
    • Adapted to the savings ability on a day-to-day basis
  • Easy action
    • One-click savings
    • Savings in my pocket
  • Incentive to save as powerful as incentives to consume


  • The impulsive buying habit serves as a model for savings. The tool “Impulser Saver” empowers customers to use their impulsion to save money. Westpac is also an insurance company providing life insurance (saving account)
  • Features
    • Easy: determine the usual amount of money you want to save ($1, $5, $10…), press the button, the money is saved
    • Painless: small amount of money saved is not perceived as a loss for purchasing power
    • Arbitrage: based on impulsion, the app encourages customers to save money every time they go on shopping
  • The app gets about 20,000 requests a day in New Zealand Similar innovations: Impulse save
  • The saving account is linked to the mobile phone providing a seamless money transfer experience from the impulsion to the saving account

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