Country: Philippines horsepower
Year: 2015

  • Personalized healthcare: An insurance company could launch insurance offers for the self-employed and medium-sized enterprise customer segments in emerging markets
  • Disbursing clients faster: Just like Horsepower,  an insurance company could partner with a startup such as VMoney to enable quicker and more efficient payment disbursement on behalf of its members, specifically for statutory benefits
  • Boost your customer acquisition: On top of selling insurance, Horsepower seduces its customers by providing back office services such as HR, finance, logistics, and procurement. The insurance company could diversify its activities in order to acquire new clients
  • Integration of bitcoin payments on the insurance companies websites


  • Horsepower provides cheap insurance offers, HR services, and benefits supporting freelancers, entrepreneurs and SMEs
  • These include managed healthcare, mobile health & life insurance including travel and consumer protection, on-line social security postings, bills and other payments, payroll and accounting services
  • The offers range from primary to tertiary care, including dental and cosmetic procedures, which are not offered by leading HMOs*

Consumer Benefits

  • Affordable health insurance: The self-employed typically cannot afford the high premiums of HMOs*. Horsepower can provide premiums that are comparable to those of group rates
  • Discounts and coverage: Members can have 20 to 70 percent discounts on consultations and clinical and medical diagnostic procedures, as well as having tertiary care coverage including dental and cosmetic procedures
  • Ease and rapidity of payment: Horsepower has the technology to easily post online government benefits contributions accepting up to 15 payment options such as Bitcoin, Paypal and mobile load that banks usually do not accept as payments

How it works

  • Customers can choose between different packages based on their profiles (ranging from self-employed to entrepreneurs & SMEs)


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