Country: USAHirePeter
Year: 2015


  • Created by 18 year-old Louison Dumont, also the founder behind Bitproof.Inc, HirePeter is an English-speaking AI-based business lawyer that delivers automatically completed contract templates to users
  • HirePeter emphasises that the documents provided are for informational purposes only and its services should not replace a lawyer, nor does it give legal advice
  • Services such as requesting legally-binding signatures, generating contracts such as an NDA (Non-Disclosal Agreement) and timestamping documents are available by sending an email to Peter.
  • Using Peter’s timestamping feature, scanned documents are notarised and stored via the Bitcoin blockchain to certify integrity and proof of existence
  • Assistance can be provided by emailing Peter to explain the wording of a contract or to retrieve past contracts or other information such as Employer or Tax Identification numbers

Consumer Benefits

  • Inexpensive: technology drives down cost of using a lawyer for document completion and signatures
  • Immutable: notarised documents cannot be altered or tampered with once stored on the blockchain
  • Time-saving: getting signed documents such as an NDA from multiple parties is reduced through Peter’s email signature system

How To Use

  • Full use is only currently available to a handful of beta users. However, interested users can sign up to use the beta version for limited public features such as notarisation and document management
  • Sharing HirePeter on social networks lets interested users move up the waiting list and gain faster access to the full private beta


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