Country: Israellogo1
Year: 2013

Hello Heart is a mobile application that empowers people to take charge of their health on a day-to-day basis.


  • Hello Heart is an application that tracks day-to-day health care data. It helps the user to track his blood pressure readings and understand the trends and learn what to do about it
  • It extracts understandable parameters from the user’s medical records, explains them in layman terms and helps the user to track them
  • The user can better understand and improve his health using personalized dashboards

Consumer Benefits

  • Hello Heart enables people to auto import data from clinics and hospitals, add paper records and connect medical devices
  • The user can have personalized information and explanations on his medical results.
  • All the data is secured using a bank level security. The data is encrypted and compliant with the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) that makes it easier for people to keep health insurance, protect the confidentiality and security of healthcare information and help the healthcare industry control administrative costs

How to use it

  • HelloHeart app can be downloaded on a user’s smartphone (iPhone, Android etc.). The user can either manually enter blood pressure on a daily basis or connect a wearable blood pressure device to the smartphone, as well as their clinic to import all medical records
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