Country: USA
Year: 2014

  • By making hedge funds strategies available to people with moderate investing budget and low knowledge of investments strategies, HedgeCoVest is defining itself as very accessible to its customers
  • The innovation in HCV is to provide – at a relatively low cost – its users with insight on how alternative traders are making money while letting them decide whether they want to replicate the trade on their own brokerage account


HedgeCoVest (HCV) is an online marketplace for investors looking to allocate to hedge fund strategies in their own brokerage account

  • HedgeCoVest has built a software called Replicazor which automatically mirrors hedge funds investments in a client’s brokerage account. The platform allows the user to search for hedge funds and then “copy” every trade in real time
  • HCV provides the user with analytical and performance monitoring tools that allows the user to make informed decisions
  • As of today, 60 hedge fund models have signed up and 13 are already available to investors (Including The Boston Company – $50 Billion, Fred Alger – $21 Billion and Cornerstone Capital – $10 Billion)

Pricing & Conditions

  • HedgeCoVest charges an annual fee of 2.5% and does not charge any incentive fees
  • The participating Hedge Funds receive 1.5% out of the 2.5%
  • A minimum deposit of $30K on a brokerage account is required


  • Fund Managers have no access to the investor’s account
  • HCV increases security, access, liquidity and transparency to the user
  • Investors have the ability to allocate and liquidate easily and quickly


Short video presenting HedgeCoVest Concept

Video of Evan Rapoport (CEO of HedgeCoVest) presenting his Start-up at Finovate 2014, watch here

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