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Year: 2014

HealthWatch’s washable garments feature sensors that read vital signs and inform doctors about a patient’s health.


  • HealthWatch has launched a t-shirt that can read a patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, cardiac irregularities, and other vital signs with hospital-quality reports, that could be the key to preventing heart attacks
  • The washable garment is made of cotton and special electrodes are attached with ECG sensors that identify and upload signs to a monitoring device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to a cloud-based database where the data is processed. In case of an abnormality, the patient’s doctors can be alerted and a treatment can be immediately started
  • Key target markets of HealthWatch include continuous patient monitoring – whether in the hospital or as a heart attack survivor at home, for health or fitness tracking or active elderly people

Consumer Benefits

  • Use t-shirts for patients with long-term continuous monitoring need: Doctors can recommend the t-shirt to patients who need long-term monitoring on heart attack survivors or the elderly prone to heart disease
  • Tele-monitoring: Sportsmen, athletes or people practicing high intense activity regularly can use the t-shirt for constant monitoring

How to use it

  • HealthWatch today functions solely on a B2B mode. The hospital or doctor supplies the user with the HealthWatch t-shirt, who wears the t-shirt and connects himself via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth through the free app (and his doctor does the same)
  • The user controls his data, but his hospital or doctor also monitors his information and informs the user of potential illness

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