Country: India
Year: 2005

HDFC Bank has introduced a ‘missed call banking’ service that allows customers access to banking services without visiting a physical location or needing to go online


  • Services can be available by giving a missed call to HDFC  from the user’s registered phone number.
  • The customer can order a cheque book, check his account balance, get policy details including premium amount, payment details and fund value, download mobile applications, retrieve a mini bank statement, etc
  • This is a free offer for all customers
  • The aim is to bridge the digital divide between a basic cellphone and application-rich smartphone user
  • Bank’s current infrastructure is able of handling between 70,000 and 80,000 calls simultaneously

How it works

  • The bank has appointed an aggregater to receive missed calls on six separate toll-free numbers
  • Operators divert the missed calls to HDFC Bank’s central server
  • The server analyses the demand made by the account holder of the missed call and processes the information

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