Logo de Haven LifeCountry:  USA  
Year: 2015


  • Haven life is a digital life insurer that offer online full coverage for costumers
  • Haven life aim to simplify and accelerate the hole process of life insurance purchase
  • Haven life is different from other insurtech because they are backing themselves with MassMutual a respected institution

Consumer Benefits

  • Fast: Haven life is offering the fastest submission process possible you can apply and get coverage within 20 minutes
  • Easy: Haven life require no medical exam if you are in good health and offer easy price and policy comparisons and instant chat assistance
  • Safe: Haven life is backing themselves with 160 years old insurance company, MassMutual

How It Works

  • Step 1: learn the essentials
  • Step 2: determine your needs
  • Step 3: choose a policy
  • Step 4: apply for the insurance
  • Step 5: maintain your policy



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