Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2014

  • Guevara introduces a new approach to pool premiums by letting the customer decide who they want to be pooled with
  • Leads to reduction in the possibility of fraud cases, given that the user chooses who he wants to be pooled with
  • Generates higher level of customer engagement (including giving the power to the customers to exclude a member from their pool)


  • Guevara provides peer-to-peer car insurance by letting the user decide who he wants to be pooled with, which can potentially lead to reduction of premiums by 50-80 percent
  • Guevara has an app to collect data from the scene of an accident and a message board for the group to discuss their claims and make decisions collaboratively

How to use it

  • Each user can form groups with friends or family members, or they can connect with others by viewing profiles and determining who they would feel most comfortable with
  • Groups have the ability to communicate with one another after an accident or potential claim to talk through the best way to pay for it, which should lead to fewer claims since everyone will want more money leftover at the end of the year to get paid back

The video below describes how it works in more detail

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