Country: China Guahao logo
Year: 2014

  • Health care app with geolocalization: The insurance company could develop a similar app that would allow their customers to use gelocalization to find their doctors, make appointments, and avoid wasting time
  • Partnerships: A recent partnership between Fosun Pharma and Guahao clearly depicts that they identified synergies to leverage their strengths. A similar partnership with the insurance company could allow it to reach out to a much larger database of customers in China while providing best-in-class and innovative insurance offers


  • Guahao launched a website and mobile app catering to the user’s medical needs and to schedule appointments online
  • In China, where patients often have to wait in long lines to register for appointments or deal with red tape issues, such an app comes as a relief
  • As of today, Guahao covers over 1600 hospitals, 190,000 specialists and has more than 100 million users on its platform
  • The famous Chinese mobile chat apps, WeChat and QQ, will enable access Guahao’s new mobile app Weiyi allowing users to schedule medical appointments on their phones, seek medical advice instantly, and make inquiries about test reports

Consumer Benefits

  • Avoid waiting lines: One of the biggest problems in hospitals is the endless waiting lines to access a doctor. Guahao enables patients to book an appointment and arrive right on time for the consultation
  • Mobile App: Guahao’s new mobile app WeDoctor matches available doctors to patients based on geolocalization, and offers them a comprehensive database of relevant information based on their medical profile
  • Pharmaceutical e-commerce platform: Fosun Pharma, a pharmaceutical giant in China, recently partnered with Guahao to launch a pharmaceutical e-commerce platform thus leveraging the drug supply & distribution systems of Fosun, and the user & doctor database of Guahao

How it works

  • The app is available for free download, and allows users to book appointments and access medical information. It will soon enable e-payments and allow users to make inquiries about their test reports


Click on the image bellow if you want to see the video presentation of Guahao

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