Country: FranceGrisbee

Year: 2012


  • GRISBEE consolidates and monitors all of the users’ assets: bank accounts, savings, real estate, stock market, investments, etc.
  • GRISBEE performs a complete diagnosis of the users’ financial health: diversification, yield, risk, income tax, retirement pension, debt, savings capacity, etc. All the indicators are automatically calculated and enable the users to see at a glance what they can improve.
  • The users register their financial objectives and the algorithms generate recommendations. The users can pick which of these recommendations they want to apply to reach these objectives.
  • GRISBEE competes against, but could also be a partner to:
    • Wealth management advisory companies;
    • Banks and insurance companies;
    • Robo-advisors

Consumer Benefits

  • Time savings: centralized platform to manage all of the users’ assets.
  • Automatization: by giving wealth management recommendations depending on the users’ profile and life stages, the tool automates the process of wealth management advisory.
  • Self-service: users can choose the solution that enables them to self manage their wealth.

How it works

Here are the different steps to use the platform:

  1. The users define their financial goals.
    • For example: purchase a house in 4 years
  2. Define the action plan to implement and achieve it.
    • For example: save a total of $150 000
  3. Monitoring and implementation of the action plan.
  • Price depends on the level of service the user wants:
    • Free for basic consolidation and monitoring of the user’s wealth;
    • 4.90 EUR per month for comprehensive services for online managing of finances;
    • 9.90 EUR per month to get an advisor in addition to automatic recommendations;
    • 49.90 EUR per month to get a personalized service.


Click on the video to visually discover how GRISBEE works (French only)


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