Country: Francegorgias
Year: 2015

  • Enhance customer relationship: customers are demanding more from customer service and expect quick replies. Gorgias would be useful for an insurance company to give quick and uniform responses to emails with a decrease in mistakes.
  • Decrease customer support costs: call centres for insurance companies are often overstretched. Encouraging customers to send emails instead of calling would decrease costs for an insurance company because it would allow employees to answer quicker and simultaneously respond to more customers.


  • Gorgias enables firms to create templates and keyboard shortcuts in order to respond to emails faster
  • It offers free templates such as greetings, closing or signatures which can be customised
  • When Gorgias detects a similar question in an email, it directly suggests a suitable template for the user to reply
  • It’s a free browser extension that can be downloaded and can be used with Gmail, Outlook and LinkedIn etc.

Consumer Benefits

  • Fast email replies: Gorgias allows customers support or sales teams to be faster at responding to email from customers and enhance customer relationship
  • Avoid spelling mistakes: decreases spelling mistakes by standardizing email content
  • New joiners learning curve: for new team members it will ease their integration and daily work by providing all the info they need to answer general inquiries

How to use

  • User downloads the app for free on his browser. It is directly added on the browser toolbar.
  • By clicking the “Options”, new templates can be created. Shortcuts are easy to make for each template.
  • When arrives in the inbox, the email content related to the shortcut will automatically appear.
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