Country: Canadaimage1
Year: 2014


  • Goowi is an online platform that allows businesses to receive money through their customers for assocations and organisations supporting a variety of causes
  • For businesses, the goal is to enable them to integrate philanthropy in their strategy by giving customers access to money to give to the association  and cause of their choice. Customers can then share the campaign on social networks which is beneficial for the image and the visibility of a company
  • For customers, it allows them to feel empowered and enabled to create a measurable social impact by supporting a socially responsible business
  • For associations & organizations, the platform arranges contacts with the businesses. When a business has invested in a certain cause, the organization will benefit from a free social networking and visibility, which could eventually lead to the arrival of new donors

Consumer Benefits

  • Socially responsible: by increasing investment into causes that bear a significant social impact
  • Strengthened identity: businesses can choose causes that fit their identity and strategy and integrate into their online presence
  • Visibility: by highlighting donations on social networks, the business, association and donor benefit from strengthened visibility, enhanced brand image and meaningful discussions
  • Customer engagement: empower customers to choose among pre-selected causes and donate on behalf of the company, leading to a sense of fulfilment and purpose
  • Measurable return on community investment: businesses will be able to analyse customer preferences and choices based on significant value metrics


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