Country: Francegoogle1
Year: 2013

  • Launched in France in July 2013, after the UK in 2011 (integrated after the acquisition of specialist BeatThatQuote)
  • Google Compare allows users to compare the quotes of many carriers on the following insurance types:
    • Auto
    • Travel
    • Credit card insurance
    • Loans
    • Banks

Assumptions on the reasons of the failure in France

  • Few partnerships and few Tier One brands (ALOA, A comme Assure, Active Assurances, SOS Malus, Assur, AllSecur):
    • With only 6 partners, the panel isn’t large enough to provide a relevant comparison to the user
    • For strategic reasons, the insurers aren’t likely to give Google access to their pricing data but also to the private data of their prospective customers
    • Others argue that insurers have managed to put pressure and force Google to withdraw
    • This failure could also be explained by the lack of website features and a concept not adapted to the French market.
    • Antitrust regulation of the European Commission can also be part of the reason for the end of the service

Screenshot of Google compare UK credit cards

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