Country: United Statesgivesurance
Year: 2013

Givesurance is a funding platform where users can transfer a part of their insurance premiums to charity


  • Givesurance is a funding platform enabling users to make recurring donations through their existing insurance payment systems to charity organizations
  • Insurers can be given back up to 5% of their insurance payment by the participating insurance companies as a donation credit
  • The users can help the non-profit organization of their choice

Consumer Benefits

  • No Additional Cost: the donor only employs the money he has already transferred to the insurance company
  • A secure technology:  the bank information is secure
  • A visibility for the organization: the non-profit organization benefits from a campaign

How it works 

  • The user checks eligibility by giving the name of the insurance company, date of renewal and policy number
  • He receives a donation credit from 30 to 180 days after application
  • He donates to a charity in the network and the credit will then be added to the donation wallet every payment cycle
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