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Year: 2015

  • Internal communication: Giroptic 360cam could be used to record a company’s internal events.
  • Content creation: use Giroptic 360cam to create content to feed the apps, YouTube channel, Facebook pages… and any other supports.


  • Giroptic 360cam is an action camera that records 360° content in time lapse, photo burst, or video mode and automatically stitches captured content together with its real-time image fusion process. Therefore users can live-stream or share stitched content online directly from their camera. A micro-SD card is required for storage.
  • The 360cam is waterproof down to 33 feet for up to 30 minutes, integrates 185° fish-eye lenses and 3 microphones to record 360°content with a 4K picture definition and 2K video definition.
  • The camera has a removable base, containing a rechargeable battery compatible with a light bulb base (users can charge their camera through a lamp base), or an Ethernet base that supplies both power and network access for live-stream videos. Its battery works up to one hour and a half.
  • The integrated Wi-Fi enables users to both control the camera through the free smartphone app and send their footage directly to a tablet, smartphone, VR headset, their Facebook feed, their YouTube channel or any other platform supporting 360° images.
  • Giroptic 360cam raised over $1.4 million on Kickstarter in 2014, becoming the largest crowdfunding campaign in France.

Consumer Benefits

  • In-camera stitching: no post-production required.
  • Video live-streaming: users are able to broadcast footage in real time and share it online through Wi-Fi (for example, the device could be set up as a home security camera).
  • Easy to charge: users can charge their camera using light bulb sockets.

How to use

  • Users can pre-order the Giroptic 360cam online (the camera will start shipping by April 25, 2016).


  • Presentation video of Giroptic 360 action camera
  • Article “Giroptic Is Building The GoPro For Virtual Reality” by Tech Crunch
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