Country: PhilippinesGCASH
Date of Launch: 2004
GCash is a well-established subsidiary of the Philippines-based telecom giant Globe Telecom. GCash primary goal is to provide the unbanked population of the Philippines an easy and convenient access to mobile money services.


  • GCash is a mobile money service offered to users of Globe Telecom (Globe), a major provider of telecommunications services in the Philippines.
  • GCash allows the unbanked population in the Philippines to have access to online payments by transforming their mobile phone into a virtual wallet that allows secure and fast money transfers through text messages.
  • Facts and figures:
    • GCash has a network of 13000+ partner outlets that accept cash transactions: convenience stores, pawn shops, retail stores, etc.
    • As of November 2015, the company’s user base was about 3 million consumers.

Consumer Benefits

  • Mobile money service: Customers of Globe can easily send money to and receive from other users via text messages, and make purchases for online payments via retail outlets of Globe and its other partner establishments.
  • Payroll service: GCash PowerPay+ is a payroll card and a funds disbursement facility that allows businesses, especially SMEs, to send out salaries, allowances and commissions to employees and members, anywhere and anytime in the world. Businesses benefit with increased efficiency for real-time salary disbursements and collection requirements, as well as increased security by reducing cash handling for operations.
  • Access to e-commerce: Globe has partnered with Master Card and American Express to offer its customers a non-credit card solution to access the world of e-commerce.
    • GCash AMEX Virtual Pay involves a prepaid virtual card linked to the customer’s GCash mobile wallet. The unbanked population along with other globe users without a credit card can use the virtual card to make online purchases, especially from US merchants that do not ship directly to the Philippines, as a personalized US address is provided for mail forwarding service. This ensures that the users get access to US merchants in an easy and cost-effective manner.
    • GCash Beep Mastercard is a prepaid card that allows consumers to make online purchases, cash withdrawals and even use the card to pay commute fare for the metro and light rail transit system in Manila.

How it works

The image below illustrates the dashboard of GCash’s web platform:
The videos below illustrate the concept of GCash and one of its products:
GCash illustration video

GCash AMEX Virtual Pay tutorial video

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