Country: United Statesgafa
Year: Prospective 2015

  • Participate to new partnerships with insurers.
  • The Big Data on users’ behaviors and habits are desired by insurers looking at placing the user experience at the center of their priorities


  • Insurance companies will continue to form strategic alliances with “non-traditional organizations” to expand distribution: insurers have been consistently lagging in product innovation and trying to catch up through distribution
  • One of the better example is MetLife’s trial alliance with 200 Wal-Mart stores.
  • More than two-thirds of customers would consider purchasing home, auto and life insurance from businesses other than insurers—23% were open to purchasing from online service providers like Amazon or Google.
  • Amazon has proven leadership as an e-commerce distributor, while Google is seen primarily as an information organization, so they would like to create a distribution model to match ever-evolving customer demands.
  • Yet personalization has not reached its potential because of multiple inhibiting factors both internal (lack of aggregated information on risk, etc.) and external (privacy concern, etc.). The lack of product innovation shifts the responsibility of differentiation to distribution.

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