Country: USA
Year: 2010
Future Advisor is a convenient online financial planning service that is free to use for Do-It-Yourself investors

  • Future Advisor has a deep knowledge of their customer’s wealth due to giving free advice and recommendations to all of their users. The insight into user’s wealth can lead to new services or offers by Future Advisor
  • The free service for DIY investors is a way for users to try the service out, be convinced by its accuracy and then opt for the premium version
  • The fact that the service is so specialized on retirement also helps to have very clear communication and segmentation of clients


Future Advisor is a Robo-Advisor that focuses exclusively on people investing long-term and helps them manage their Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA), Roth IRA (Tax free on earnings and withdrawals) and taxable accounts

  • After answering a few questions about his age, income, the age at which he wants to retire and his risk tolerance, the user then connects his existing financial accounts. Future Advisor proposes changes on his current assets allocation in order to reduce taxes, have a more diversified portfolio and lower his risk
  • The service is free to use until the user wants his portfolio automatically managed by Future Advisor
  • Future Advisor performs trades within supported brokerage accounts (currently TD Ameritrade and Fidelity)

Consumer benefits

  • Future Advisor focuses on retirement
  • It gives recommendations based upon existing portfolios (no need to transfer assets to their firm)
  • Future Advisor has a free to use version that can be a way for users to test the service
  • Future Advisor has a highly user-friendly interface

How to use it 

  • This video is a demo of how Future Advisor works


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