Country: Singaporefundwave
Launch date: 2013
Fundwave aims to provide a set of tools and services for alternative fund management in Private Equity, Venture Capital, Real Estate and Fund of funds. It offers a global view on the funds realization and assets, growth, transactions and reports.


  • Fundwave constructs and delivers a complete set of Fund Management tools, with in-built process workflows. The fund manager can have a wide overview of his fund on a time-saving basis
  • The Fundwave platform permits the automation of complex fund operations and administration, covering allocations, report generation, fund accounting and entreprise control
  • Fundwave aims to connect and simplify the procedures between the Fund Manager and the Investor through their professional partnership

Consumer Benefits

  • The Fund Manager using Fundwave will account, administer, & report to the investors via a complete set of services and embedded processes such as asset allocation, data visualization, embedded mail and SMS service, and customizable generation of financial reports
  • The Investor will have access to the fund’s capital notices, reports, NAV statements, Portfolio IRR, and other key ratios
  • Both of them can interact through embedded communication software, and keep track of the fund’s details through the 4-eyes control

How To Use

  • The Fund Manager can create an account based on the AuM that he holds. He will personally give the Investors the access to their portal
  • The offer consists of two packages: Investor Manager – Fund Manager. The Fund Manager has an extent customizable reports, valuation and drag-drop charts. The prices start at $500-800/mo for $10mn AuM up to $12’000-20’000/mo for $10bn AuM


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