Country: Switzerland
Year: 2016


  • Foxstone proposes a platform where Swiss citizens can connect and have access to the best asset class available on the market.
  • The solution is a crowd-funding platform for real estate, giving to the community access for co-investment, shared benefits, and raising money online.
  • Foxstone leverages the power of the crowd to raise funds online.
  • The platform deals with the acquisition process and the estate management during the lifetime of the deal.

Consumer Benefits

  • Transparency: The vision of Foxstone is to open the real estate market to everybody, and not only to pension funds, real estate funds, or high net worth individuals.
  • Reduced minimum investment amount: With the crowd-funding platform, the minimum amount to invest is accessible to everybody.
  • Large investment opportunities: Foxstone regroups a large network of sector professionals to source the best opportunities.

How To Use

  • The user signs in on the Foxstone website, and selects between investing or raising capital.
  • For raising capital, the user choose the asset classes to be targeted (Residential, office, retail or other).
  • The user then chooses the investment strategies (Co-investment, mezzanine, sale or other.)
  • The user chooses the average amount of money to be raised and the number of deals to be targeted.
  • Foxstone asks for the years of experience the user has.
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