Country: France
Year: 2012


  • Fortia offers solutions for Risk and Compliance” issues that aim to identify and accurately assess risks in respect of the company and its activities, and limit exposure to those risks via control measures
  • Developed after the financial crisis, the RegTech company’s mission is to provide flexible solutions to reflect changing financial regulation
  • Currently, Fortia provides six different software solutions that can either be used individually or together, depending on the user’s needs:
    • Investment Compliance – uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically manage investment reporting
    • Know Your Customer (KYC) – automatically checks customers’ identity and integrity, and implements an enhanced surveillance system
    • Anti-Money Laundering software – lets users implement a solid operations surveillance system and protect companies from customers’ fraudulent actions through watch lists for transaction screening and listed scenarios
    • Risk monitoring: by identifying and accurately assessing risks through risk mapping modeling and matrixes
    • Major shareholding – consolidates portfolio data and automates reporting statements to easily manage disclosure obligations of legal and statutory threshold crossings
    • BI & Reporting – gives customisable dashboards and modeling of reporting templates
  • Fortia has been a part of French bank BNP Paribas’

Consumer Benefits

  • Time saving: operational process are improved thanks to machine learning
  • End to end vision: manage and automate the whole operational monitoring process, starting from a legal document for instance, then going through the calculation and the workflow modeling phase up until the reporting of the results
  • Secured data: innovative solutions guaranteeing high level of safety

How To Use

  • Users can request a demo online and then sign-up through the website
  • Users select modules they need to build a customizable plateform and match their objectives
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