Country: Canada fluent
Year: 2015

An insurance company could use this innovation in order to: 

  • Speech recognition on mobile app: To offer assistance services to insurees (car assistance, health assistance, answers to questions…).
  • Telephone servers automation: an insurance company could use Fluent as a tool to automate customers inquiries, gain time to handle requirements no matter what the languages, accents and phrases are.
  • Integration: an insurance company could integrate Fluent to enhance with noise and accents management any NLP app.


  • Fluent is a speech recognition technology adapted for all languages and accents. Therefore, the user can speak naturally. It does not require an online connection. After a few example phrases, Fluent acknowledges the user’s voice even in noisy environments.
  • Fluent allows each user to speak naturally and create voice shortcuts without textual input.
  • It can fit multiple utilizations involving voice command: smart homes, mobiles, connected car, wearable or virtual reality headset.
  • When compared to, Fluent can be used as an additional layer to enhance Natural Language Understanding*.

Consumer Benefits

  • No Internet connection required: Unlike most current voice interfaces, Fluent can work offline.
  • No more misunderstanding: Fluent understands the user commands despite potential accents and surrounding noise.
  • Time-saving: Fluent directly translates the user speech into actions.
  • Personalized tool: The technology learns personalized commands.

How to use

  • No further information is available since Fluent is still at an early development level. No prototype for the time being.

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