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Year: 2014

  • Cross-boarder B2B trade / Supply chain financing / P2P capital marketplace: the Fluent Network helps businesses and banks to manage and trade invoices and payments in real time at lower costs. Solutions and applications on the network are designed to increase efficiency, provide flexibility, and enhance collaboration across global supply chains.


  • Fluent released in March 2016 its enterprise software platform, the Fluent Network, which enables real-time, low-cost, simple and secure invoicing and payments along global supply chains via blockchain technology for financial institutions and global enterprises.
  • The platform uses a custom-built, federated blockchain, where the nodes are hosted both with large companies (buyers) and the financial institutions on the network.
  • In addition to the platform, there are five main applications on top of the Fluent Network:
    • Global Payment Platform: enables peer-to-peer global payments in real-time
    • Supply Chain Financing Platform: allows suppliers to participate in one-touch receivables financing
    • Receivables Marketplace: receivables could be sent to a multi-lender marketplace where superior rates to traditional supply chain financing programs are possible
    • Supply Chain Management: provides E-invoicing, cloud-based supplier portal, and buyer/supplier collaboration tools
    • API & Developer Platform: Intuitive SDK and API for custom solutions on the Fluent Network

Consumer Benefits

  • For Banks: 
    • Improve existing payment systems and commercial offerings
    • Provide a future-proof platform with seamless integration for product development and services
  • For Enterprises:
    • Real-time payments, zero fees, and simple global treasury management
    • Optimize working capital, control cash flow, streamline the procure-to-pay process, and improve buyer/supplier collaboration
  • For Lenders:
    • Access to a global multi-bank, multi-lender receivables marketplace
    • Secure and simple financing
  • For Developers (coming soon):
    • Use the SDK and API packages to develop distributed ledger-based solutions on the Fluent Network

How to use

  • On the Fluent Network, payments are linked to tokenized invoices. Once the buyer approves the invoice, the goods are considered satisfactory.
  • The invoice is tokenized on the Network, preventing it from being refinanced again.
  • The buyer then pays the invoice directly to the financier.
  • The supplier never holds the funds, therefore eliminating the risk of non-payment.


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