Country: United States  fitly-logo-300x153
Year: 2016
SmartPlate by Fitly is the first intelligent plate that tells you when you are eating too much.


  • SmartPlate is the first intelligent plate that automatically identifies, weighs, tracks and analyzes what the user is eating
  • With the recognition technology used and being divided in 3 sections, the plate is able to recognize single food as well as mixed food at the same time
  • The plate is equipped with hidden digital cameras using recognition algorithms that enable to identify the food automatically
  • Sensors enable the plate to weigh the food and send information to the app that will analyze and track every meal
  • An online database allows to search and grab calories and nutrition data

Consumer Benefits

  • No need to enter data manually, the plate automatically weighs and analyzes the food
  • Using the SmartPlate app, the user can keep track of every meal and it can integrate all existing data from other fitness and food trackers apps
  • The user can also continue to track and analyze his food even at a restaurant, by just taking a picture of his meal which is then matched with a large database
  • The user can easily know how fast he is eating, control his portions, his carbs etc.. and manage his weight as he will be offered personnalized tips

How to use

  • The user put his meal in the 3 sections of the plate and SmartPlate will determine each food, weigh the portions, and then report back calorie and nutritional data via the smartphone app
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