Country: Canada
Year: 2014


  • is a personal banking and financial management assistant, powered by artificial intelligence
  • provides basic banking services such as transfer money or track budget. A human assistance can be requested if needed.
  • replaces the automated phone menus with a banking chatbot

Consumer Benefits

  • A more human self-serve interface: shift the technology to the background, and interact with customers on their terms with simple, natural conversations driven by voice and text
  • Be more than a bank account: simplify customers’ lives and empower them to improve their financial health with a full-featured personal finance coach
  • Reduced costs and increased services: reduce costs of customer care with an AI solution that answers questions 24/7 without any human interaction
  • Measure your success: track the most-used changes performed over time, improvements in machine learning and natural language processing and more with’s analytics platform

How To Use

  • Bank’s customers will have access to a chatbot which will provide answers with an AI
  • Customers will also be able to request a chat with a human through the chatbot, the AI will send a message to the bank for someone to respond


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