Country: United KingdomFidelity Worldwide
Year: 1969

  • Fidelity conducts in-house analysis and is home to one of the largest buy-side research teams in the world
  • Fidelity conducts a “company-contact-intensive” research process on a different scale to many other fund providers. At the same time, Analysts and Portfolio Managers look for new sources of company information including surveys of a company’s client base to qualitative feedback on the management styles of individual company directors
  • Fidelity Worldwide has a special focus on investing in 21st century themes that they believe will influence markets in the medium to long term, including digital disruption, Internet of Things and Big Data

Digital Vision

  • Digital strategy focusing on User Experience based on mobile access and content: Fidelity Worldwide has started offering apps on tablets with improved functionalities
  • Creating customer simulation through use of interactive tools: Using web tools that provide information to user based on their social profiles
  • Digital at the center of their fund investment strategy: Fidelity WW has focused its communication (formally or through the use of blogs by their fund manager) to show their strong belief in how Digital will revolutionize all sectors – reinforcing their image
  • Governance covering all fields of Digital under a Board Member: Digital is regrouped in the Bus Dev and Strategy Department, with clear responsibilities attributed for Product, Marketing, UX and IT

Recent Initiatives

  • Fidelity Worldwide in the UK offers applications on iPad and iPhone for users to track investments, follow markets, set goals and personalize their accounts
    • iPad application Fidelity on the go – Investment Explorer offers several functionalities to the users such as creating a goal, setting up a forecast,  compare fund performance etc.
    • iPhone application allows users to keep track of their investments, follow the market and customize their user experience
  • « How to invest » video guides are created by Fidelity World Wide’s content teams that are very interactive, mainly targeted to educate new users
  • Fidelity WW has also introduced a user friendly web tool called « PeopleLikeMe » that lets users see what other people in the user’s age, income and geographic bracket are investing in

Keywords: digital disruption; big data; internet of things; retail clients; user experience

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