Country: United KingdomFC Investments
Year: 1972

  • F&C Investments was acquired by Bank of Montreal in 2014
  • They have maintained their entrepreneurial culture thus providing investment teams with autonomy and ownership of their investment process
  • Their approach is built on 4 core capabilities : Investment solutions, Equities, Fixed Income, and Property
  • Four core principles at BMO Global Asset Management (incl. F&C) are:
    • Experienced management teams
    • Emphasis on research & technology
    • Process-driven for long-term results
    • Special attention to risk

Digital Vision

  • F&C’s foray into digital is quite limited and strongly restricted to content management as of now
  • F&C partnered with media agencies such as DOG Digital and Spider Media in order to enhance their online presence – thus demonstrating that if in-house expertise isn’t available, externalising projects is an option that can be considered
  • Digital governance is not strong either. Even after the acquisition of F&C by Bank of Montreal, no significant evolutions have been observed in the Asset Management domain. However, BMO has launched mobile applications for bank customers, but not for AM clients

Recent Initiatives

  • F&C Partnership with DOG Digital: In 2013, DOG Digital designed the first-ever Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign for F&C in order to promote ISA (Individual Savings Accounts) applications. Bid management and optimisation was a key focus with the average cost per click decreasing by over 28% over the campaign period
  • F&C Partnership with White Spider Media: In 2012, F&C allocated an advertising budget of around £2 million to White Spider Media in order to define a digital strategy and innovative media formats covering national, specialist and trade press
  • Focus on brand content: F&C’s main focus on digital is relevant brand content on their website


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