Country: USAeven2
Year: 2015

US-based EVEN has launched an unprecedented personal financial planning tool for people with irregular incomes to insure paychecks
EVEN advances salary payments to users and its’ mission is to help users better manage their financial planning with the help of online management tools and automatic periodic payment deductions


  • EVEN is designed for hourly employees (or irregular income workers) who aren’t sure how many hours they’ll work each week or whether they’ll be able to pay their bills at the end of the month
  • It uses algorithms to calculate the average hourly income of users and sets aside a certain amount from their paycheck. During the period when the user is not earning his average income or is not earning at all, EVEN pays the user. This keeps users from falling into unrecoverable debt

How to use it

The following document explains how EVEN works. Click on the image to view it.

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