Country: Italyeuklid
Year: 2015

  • Partnering: a bank could partner with Euklid to allow its customers to include bitcoin options (e.g., bitcoin debit/credit card, bitcoin algorithm trading, bitcoin derivatives)  to their regular transactions.


  • Euklid provides blockchain and bitcoin algorithm-trading solutions leveraging artificial intelligence for big data analysis
  • Euklid is technology-driven, as it employs:
    • Blockchain technology, which makes transactions traceable, decentralized and secure
    • Smart contract, which is self-enforcing, transparent, stable, secure, and has low compliance costs
    • Artificial intelligence, which automatically and dynamically analyze market trends and patterns to make independent trading decisions
  • Euklid is planning for more future developments, including:
    • Become an innovative bank of the future, offering a range of services to clients
    • Introduce a bitcoin debit/credit card
    • Develop a hybrid structure: investments in bitcoins and/or stocks and indices
    • Create derivatives on Ethereum

Consumer Benefits

  • Low and transparent fees: users keep 80% of generated profits, and there is no entry or withdrawal fees
  • Diversified risk: Euklid helps users diversifies risk by operating on several bitcoin markets simultaneously (e.g. Coinbase, Bitstamp, Kraken, Bitfinex, Okcoin)
  • High security level: every users’ safety and privacy is Euklid’s top priority. Euklid relies on advanced technologies (blockchain technology) to ensure the safety of uses’ accounts
  • Fast and reliable transactions: by smart contract technology

How to use

  1. Users need to register on Euklid’s platform, transfer the bitcoin they want to trade, and initiate one or more smart contracts
  2. Then the real-time results will always be visible on the platform
  3. Users also have the option to terminate a smart contract at anytime


  • Euklid’s current business process:


  • Euklid’s future developments:


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