Country: Australia equitise
Year: 2014
The Equitise crowdfunding platform was launched in 2015, and since then it has been experiencing rapid growth. The company was recently valued at US$10M after Investec Australia, a listed company, purchased a 20% stake in the company


  • The Equitise crowdfunding platform empowers start-ups and SMEs to raise capital by issuing equity in an open, efficient and transparent marketplace. It enables SMEs and early stage companies to source capital from crowd or the so-called “mom and pop” investors, without becoming a public company

Consumer Benefits

  • For SMEs and start-ups, the Equitise platform offers two key benefits
    • Efficiency: From preparing multiple campaign documents, such as pitch decks, business models and business plans, to separately meeting multiple VCs and angel investors is time consuming; however, Equitise minimizes all these inefficiencies by letting the companies present, monitor and manage their campaign and entire fundraising process through its web-based platform
    • Cost: Equitise has a simple fee structure, which does not involve any up-front costs for companies. The company only charges a flat rate of 7.5% on any funds successfully raised through its platform. Also, Equitise follows an all-or-nothing model, where if the company’s pre-set funding target is not reached, the capital raised is returned to investors and no cost is incurred by the company seeking capital
  • For investors, especially retail investors, Equitise offers the following two key benefits
    • Accessibility: Through Equitise, any public investor can directly invest in and gain exposure to an alternative asset class, which has been predominantly accessed only by private equity and venture capital firms to invest on behalf of institutional and high net worth individuals
    • Ease of investment: Equitise has made investing in private companies easy in terms of cost, minimum investment amounts, and investment due diligence. The company does not charge any fee for investing, and the minimum investment level is set to a nominal amount of US$500. To protect investors from the risk of fraud and misconduct, Equitise performs initial due diligence on all issuing companies using the platform. This due diligence involves a detailed analysis of the issuer’s business information along with legal due diligence, which performs identity checks (AML & criminal background) on the management teams of the potential equity-issuing companies

How it works

  • The image given below illustrates the process of raising funds through Equitise


Video Illustration

  • The following video shows the Chris Gilbert who presents Equities
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