Country: United StateseMoney
Year: 2000

  • Big data about all of the advisers on the eMoney system: Fidelity can now know how many thousands of advisers they have and every investment solution
  • A scalable planning system: Fidelity will now have a state of the art planning solution they can have fully integrated into their retail client experience


  • The objective of eMoney Advisor is to lead the digital transformation of the wealth management industry globally
  • A wealth-planning system for financial advisors that offers transparency, accessibility, security, and organization for everything that affects their clients’ financial lives
  • eMoney has enterprise relationships with 9 of the 15 largest insurance companies, over 100 of the US’s most successful broker/dealers and many leading advisory firms
  • The eMoney tool “emX” (e-money experience) lets the user view and manage the entire book of business, identify growth opportunities and access the information needed

Consumer Benefits

  • The new reengineered version of the platform called emX launched in December 2014 features a more intuitive interface, new financial planning options, updated data integration capabilities and additional resources to improve collaboration and efficiency
  • Helps financial advisors to serve their clients and build better relationships based on collaboration and transparency

How to Use

  • Financial advisors, RIAs, Planners and CPAs can sign up on the website, after a free trial demo session with a representative. They can make use of several online tools including (1) Connection Tools (bringing clients close to the advisor – with functionalities such as Client Overview, Financial Feeds); (2) Collaboration Tools (Vault: Tax returns, Fact Finder, Screen Share); (3) Planning Tools (such as Retirement data analysis, Goal planning); (4) Interactive Presentation Tools (Distribution center, Decision center); and (5) Education Tools (such as Education Center, Branded Media etc.)
  • End-clients also have access to personal financial web page which is branded with their financial advisors’ contact info and they can find a résumé of financials they own and owe, record of their spending habits and their cash flows, check bottom-line anytime, participate in interactive workshops, and access digital wallets to keep all their financial data

Keywords: insurance; collaboration

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