Country: United Statesdynamis
Year: 2016


  • Dynamis has created an Ethereum-based P2P supplementary unemployment insurance protocol which uses policy holders’ social capital to replace risk underwriters. LinkedIn is used as an reputation system (oracle), facilitating the approval of applications for new policies and the approval of claims.
  • It uses smart contract logic to automate claim validation in coordination with the social network through the process of HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks): applications are approved by other policy holders who function as evaluators supported by LinkedIn information. They also determine if a claim is within a policies scope.
  • Premiums are held in escrow thanks to a smart contract, and are used to pay claims.

Consumer Benefits

  • Fraud reduction: users’ profile can be verified by peers in real time.
  • Auditability: claims can be examined on a publicly auditable ledger to ensure that no unfair treatment occurred.
  • Cost reduction: the automation of the process enables to decrease the human workforce traditionally required.

How To Use

  • Applicants for a new unemployment policy must use LinkedIn to verify their identity and employment status.
  • Claimants use their LinkedIn connections to validate that they have lost their employment.


  • Article “Dynamis – Peer to Peer insurance blog posts”
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